Last night, pics of Cardi B leaked - and she looked so skinny that rumors are starting to swirl. Reports are that Cardi lost about 70 pounds since her pregnancy, and now weighs under 100 pounds

People on social media are talking about Cardi's extreme weight loss - and there are a bunch of theories on how Cardi may have lost all that weight.

Some are speculating that Cardi may have lost all the weight naturally, given that she's breast feeding her daughter Kulture. Doctors say that breast feeding burns tons of calories and can cause women to lose massive amounts of weight.

Others believe that stress from her marriage to rapper Offset may be causing the extreme weight loss.

But others on social media are speculating other, more worrying reasons for Cardi's weight loss. Some suggest that it could be caused by possible drug use, anorexia, or a health ailment.

Here are pics of Cardi - and a close up of her stomach:


In other Cardi news, it was recently reported that the 26 year old revealed that five-month-old baby Kulture has been suffering from a bad cold as she was hooked up to a breathing apparatus on Jan. 7. 

Hollywood Life reported that, The “I Like It” singer cradled her precious newborn and softly whispered, “I haven’t slept for 24 hours and I’ve been team working with my sister and my mom. My baby has a cold. And she wakes up every 20 minutes. She don’t want nobody. We have to put her down for one second though she automatically wakes up. Such a hard, hard day.”