Cardi B's Daughter Kulture Wears 'BLOOD' Diapers . . . RED BANDANA NAPPYS!! (PICS)

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Cardi B is serious about her gang affiliation - so much so that she named her daughter KULTURE - to avoid using the dreaded "C" - a rule for all Blood members and affiliates.

And MTO News learned that Cardi's gang friends have decided to give Cardi a gift - red bandana "Blood" diapers. According to one of Cardi's friends, her pals bought her a dozen "Red Banadana Diaper covers." The covers are leak proof, and are in "infant size."

While we don't have an EXACT image of the diaper covers, but MTO News learned Kaulture's diapers look like the below pic:


Here is the Instagram photo announcement Cardi shared with fans to celebrate her birth: