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Cardi B has been open about getting butt surgery, and up until now her butt looked great.

But over the past few weeks, people have been noticing that Cardi's fake butt appears to have dropped. The resulting change has her booty looking droopy - as if she's wearing a soggy diaper.

Here are the pics of her butt dropping:


There are only two proven safe and relatively effective methods for Buttock Augmentation: 1) Autologous Fat Transfer (using your own fat, transferring from one area of the body to the other) and 2) Buttock Implants (semi-solid silicone rubber implants that cannot rupture &/or leak). 

Most women choose butt implants, because at least 50% of the fat transferred using Autologous Fat Transfer will melt away within a year - Cardi chose a butt implant also. 

The one downside of butt implants is that, over time, they tend to sag or shift/migrate because of gravity. And that's exactly what's happening to Cardi's butt.

Back in August in an Instagram video reports say:

As the filming continued, she showed some extra skin on her stomach and said, "A lot of people think that I got lipo. I really, really didn't. I'm naturally skinny so I got slim real fast. But my body's still not where I want it to be ... I still got like a lot of love handles right here. They're not much, but I'm used to having a real tight stomach, so it's like seeing all this extra skin and shit -- where the fuck did you came from? I might just get a little lipo, you know what I'm saying?"