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Cardi B's best friend, Star Brim, and Nicki Minaj's best friend, Rah Ali, have agreed to a street fight - somewhere in New York City.

Nicki and Cardi have had their disagreements over the years. But their disagreement turned physical last year at NY's fashion week.

Cardi and Nicki started arguing, and Nicki's BFF, Rah Ali, punched Cardi in the face - giving her a knot on the head.

Well that happened back when Cardi's BFF Star Brim was in prison. Now she's out, and is looking to settle the score with Rah Ali. Star Brim went on Charlamagne's podcast yesterday - and she reiterated that she wants to fight Rah Ali.

The bad blood started flowing again this week after Star said, if she was at New York Fashion Week, there's no way she would've let Rah hit Cardi in the head with a shoe.


Shortly after the video, Star reached out to Rah via direct message and attempted to set up a fight.

Here's the back and forth - on the right is Star Brim:


Star says she would've SPANKED Rah during the NYFW fight -- which left a knot on Cardi's head -- and if she sees Nicki's friend in the streets, Star vows to follow through with her threat.

Star even says she'll go after Nicki ... but hedges by saying Nicki's got too much security.

Well, Rah Ali heard about Star's bragging ... and now she's firing back, and going low.

Sources close to Rah tell TMZ ... she feels it's just a poor attempt by Star to get her 15 minutes of fame and, instead of worrying about last year's fight, Star should be asking why she's still dancing for dollars while her friend, Cardi, lives lavishly.