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Cardi B's BEST FRIEND Star Brim . . . Leaks Sexy PRISON PICS!!! (In Prison 'Underwear')


Cardi B's best friend Star Brim is currently behind bars, for some type of fraud. According to reports, Star was arrested for wire fraud and could spend up to 15 years in prison if she's convicted. Cardi B confirmed that Star is in prison, and she's told fans that she "Miss her already."

Cardi took to Instagram to explain exactly what happened to her friend.

“For two and a half years Star been out on bail. She got caught by the Feds and lost a lot of sh*t," she wrote. After rumors circulated that Star got nabbed by police, Cardi set the record straight and said she willingly turned herself in to serve the rest of her time."

And while she's in prison, she's still doing the same thing she was doing when she was out - taking sexy pics and leaking them.

Check out the pics that Star sent out to her friends. Looks good!!


Here are the two ladies dancing together, before Star got locked up.