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Cardi B's Best Friend Allegedly ARRESTED On Fed Charges . . . Will She SNITCH ON CARDI????


Cardi B's best friend is allegedly in PRISON - according to female rapper Azalea Banks. Azalea claims that she has information that Star Brim has been arrested and charged with Wire fraud.

Cardi appears to confirm the speculation. You see Star has been OFF social media for the past few weeks - and Cardi announced that she "misses" her BFF. And further, in the comments, one of Cardi and Star's friends is claiming that star is facing five years in federal prison.

Here are the receipts:


Well now there's speculation online. If Star is REALLY facing a long federal prison sentence - do you think that she would be willing to SNITCH - possibly on her friend Cardi????

Cardi and Star have been OPEN - that they committed multiple CRIMES together in the past. We wonder if the feds would be willing to REDUCE her sentence, if she SNITCHES on Cardi . . .