Cardi B Wore Very RISQUE Outfit At Fashion Week . . . Is This TOO MUCH???

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Cardi B was spotted out yesterday at the Mugler Fashion Show during the Paris Fashion Week. And she wore a very REVEALING outfit.

From the front, Cardi's fashion choice seemed conservative. She wore an oversized Black blazer and some shorts. Well . . . that's what it looked like from the front.

From the BACK, the outfit told a whole different story. 

We could try and explain it. But it's not necessary, you can see it for yourself.


According to TMZ:

The rapper performed Tuesday during the Etam Spring/Summer show as part of Paris Fashion Week. She matched her purple dyed hair with a purple suit and strutted some very large purple feathers on the runway. 

All this while model hotties pranced around her in tiny outfits. 

Yup, Cardi’s still in hot demand with fashionistas. TMZ broke the story ... the rapper’s NYFW rumble with Nicki Minaj raised her profile in the fashion world, and this Paris reception is proof. 

It’s no easy feat to stealing the show from some of the most beautiful women in the world, but what can ya say? Cardi likes it like that.