Cardi B won an ASCAP songwriting Award last night - even though she's admitted in the past that she doesn't write her own songs.

When Cardi was nominated for the ASCAP Award, there were snickers in the industry, because no one believed that she could win.

Well yesterday it happened. Here's video of Cardi accepting her ASCAP Urban Award in Los Angeles.

In the video Cardi says, “a lot of people try to discredit me when it comes to my art, but I does this shit. that’s why my name is in those credits.”

Actually, most artists demand to be named as a "songwriter" on the credits - even on songs they don't write. This is a practice that was started by Beyonce Knowles.

Cardi explained last year that she considers herself a good "writer", not because she write songs. But because she's able to choose a "hit" song from the many songs presented to her by her team.

To Cardi, choosing the right song that was written by someone else, is considered "writing." Listen to her explain it to fans: