Female rap star Cardi B just unveiled her new body, after months of recovery from the dramatic surgeries. And fans seem to LOVE Cardi's new look.

MTO News has learned that Cardi has undergone at least a half dozen plastic surgery procedures all on her butt. The surgeries are designed to remove all the old silicone that she had implanted during her stripper days and replace it with her own fat cells.

The highly skilled doctors were also hoping to give Cardi the perfect butt that she's always wanted.

Here's Cardi's new body:

And Cardi got a series of new Tattoo's also - which hide some of the surgery scars around her butt area. See the above video for Cardi's tats.

Here's what Cardi B's butt looked like before her surgeries. As the below photos show, her butt "dropped," and the silicone was beginning to coagulate on the lower half of her cheeks.