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Cardi B recently got rhinoplasty otherwise known as a "nose job," and her new face looks completely different!

MTO News had been hearing whispers that the female rapper got her face surgically reconstructed - and now those rumors have been confirmed. Cardi posted a picture of herself on Instagram, and her nose is clearly different. It's thinner and straighter than the nose she had just a few weeks ago.

For several weeks, Cardi B had been parading around in a multitude of different face masks, stylishly hiding her visage and prompting her supporters to ponder the reasoning behind her decision to block her face. 

At the time, plastic surgery murmurs could be heard throughout social media and, after her numerous appearances this weekend, people are convinced that they were correct to assume she had gotten some work done.

The new pic - which was taken when Cardi was NOT wearing makeup, or any face tuning - shows Cardi's nose straighter and more streamlined.

Here's Cardi's new nose, compared to her old nose:


Last month she was photo'd out, and she was clearly recovering from her nose job. She had to wear sunglasses to hide the two black eyes she got from the surgery.

When you get a nose job, the last thing to heal are your eyes. 

The doctors have to surgically break the patients nose, to perform the operation. And that breaking of the nose bone, causes the patient's eyes to swell and blacken.

UK reality star Charlotte Crosby posted a pic of what she looked like after getting a nose job - and her eyes were swollen and bruised: