Platinum selling rapper Cardi B has been quiet on social media for the last few weeks. According to someone close to Cardi - the reason she's been so silent, is because she's recovering from a recent  surgery.

One of Cardi's friends told MTO News that Cardi recently underwent a breast surgery to fix her previously botched breast augmentation.

And we have good news - the operation was a success.

Before the operation, Cardi's breasts were uneven, hard, and her nipples were cockeyed. Here is an image of what Cardi's boobs looks like before the operation:


And Now Cardi's breasts look normal. Actually better than normal. Cardi's pal told MTO News that her new boobs look "perfect like a p*rn star." 

We're happy that Cardi finally got her botched boobs fixed. We can't wait to see what they look like . . . 

In the past, Cardi hasn't been afraid to talk about her procedures. She's said:

"When I was a dancer, I spent a lot of money to look good. To look like an illusion. The strip club is a fantasy. When guys come, they don't want to see girls that look like their cousins, they want that illusion." This could be Cardi referencing her plastic surgery - the singer got her teeth fixed along with breast and butt enhancement surgery to make herself more physically attractive.