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Cardi B is scheduled to perform at the Houston Rodeo, for "Black Heritage Day." It's an odd choice, given that Cardi is neither Black nor is she from Houston.

Her father is Dominican and her mom is of Trinidadian descent. Here are pictures of Cardi's parents, and it;'s pretty clear neither are "Black."


Cardi is definitely a popular hip hop artist, so it's easy to understand why the promoters decided to book her for "Black Heritage" day.

But some people on social media are not happy with the choice. They feel it is "disrespectful" to hire a non-Black artist to perform on Black heritage day.

Here are some comments:

I wonder if Miami would have Kash Doll perform at a Latino heritage day. See how that wouldn't make sense? Well neither does this

Cardi is not black. She only claims to have "black roots" bc she got called out on her racism and n word usage. But she has never outright called herself black. She is playing semantics. 

The issue here is the rodeo commission who books the acts is no doubt mostly white folk so they just following the money.

"Will she be using her favorite slurs toward black people to address the crowd? These are all terms Cardi has used before when speaking to black people yet look at her booked and busy headlining black events."

Damn Cardi will perform anywhere. Shes nominated for multiple grammy’s and is about to perform at the houston state fair and rodeo... anything for a check I guess?