Cardi B To Perform At The SUPER BOWL!! (Tea Plus RECEIPTS)

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The National Football League reached out, and asked Cardi B to perform at the upcoming Super Bowl, MTO News has confirmed. According to a high level source in Cardi's camp - the NFL asked Cardi to perform at the upcoming Super Bowl in Atlanta.

The insider, who asked to remain nameless, told us that the NFL wants Cardi to be "among other artists" to perform at the event.

So far Cardi's team hasn't given them an answer yet. The insider told MTO News that they are still working out Cardi's schedule. Remember Cardi is scheduled to go on tour with Bruno Mars this winter.

But the insider promised MTO that if Cardi CAN fit it in her schedule, she will. The insider explained, "[Cardi] really wants to do it."

You know Nicki Minaj is in her feelings reading this report . . .