Cardi B To Haters: Leave My Rolls Alone!!

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Cardi B is tired of the criticism she receives on social media about her body, and posted a video calling out her haters -- she says to leave her rolls alone.

"Leave my rolls alone. I have to do this video because I'm seeing y'all putting this edited Target picture of me looking like a motherfucking square. So I have to do this video because yesterday I posted a picture too spicy, and the haters claimed that I was Photoshopping, so now I gotta show y'all this motherf*cking body," she said.

The rapper continued, "No I know a b*tch gained some weight. I had to make the thighs match the motherf*cking ass. I know you b*tches ain't talking when you shaped like seals and I know you ain't talking when y'all got sisters with bison backs and your mothers is shaped like walruses. ... I know you ain't body-shaming me!"

Peep the hilarious video below.