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Cardi B threw her wig into the crowd yesterday, at her concert in London. It was an iconic moment in Cardi's career. And it's about to make the lucky fan who caught Cardi's hair = a nice bag.

Cardi was performing at London's Wireless festival. And in the middle of performing, the Bronx rapper snatched off her wig, and tossed it into the audience.

There were screams from the audience, and a fight for Cardi's hair. But eventually a young woman ended up with Cardi's wig.

Here's video of the toss:

Well just a few hours after the concert was over, the woman who caught Cardi's hair - put it up on Ebay.

Here's the wig on sale on Ebay. Currently it's going to $12,000. But we expect it to go for a lot more than that before all is said and done:


The woman claims that all money raised will "go to charity."

Cardi got wind of the lost wig and posted the following to Instagram:

“I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back:/ Dm me,” Card tweeted after her performance with video of her hair tossing moment. Fans are telling her she’s likely never going to see it again. One person wrote “CARDIIII THAT WIG IS PROLLY ON EBAY RN SELLIN FOR MILLIONSSSSSS,” while another wrote, “You’re not getting that wig back. They probably already about to sell it or its ripped up,” in the massive fan grab at the hairpiece.

“Wasn’t nothing but lace & 3 Bobby pins left by the time that audience finished with it,” one fan predicted while another told Cardi “You won’t never get that sh*t back,” which was pretty much the consensus of all of the comments. Not only was it likely an expensive and high quality real hair wig, it was worn by Cardi in the middle of her concert. That thing’s a treasure. It’s going to take a very sympathetic and kind-hearted Cardi fan to get that hairpiece back to her.