Yung Miami and Cardi B's feud is growing; early this morning Cardi B dropped some not so subtle shade towards Yung Miami.

Last week, MTO News reported that there has been FRICTION between the two ladies. A person close to Yung Miami told us that the Miami rapper sensed some "jealousy" coming from Cardi B.

We also learned that Cardi's team asked to re-edit their new TWERK video, so that Cardi would not be OVERSHADOWED by Yung Miami. According to folks who saw the original cut of the Twerk video, Yung Miami stole the show. 

But yesterday, Cardi appeared to fire her first SHOT at Yung Miami.

It all started last night, when the popular Miami rapper posted a cute pic - showing her and Cardi B hugging while wearing bikinis. The pic was set to promote the two rappers new song Twerk, video will be released today.

Well in the sexy pic, Yung Miami had what many would describe as a 'reverse wedge' or a 'p***y' wedgie. If you look through Yung Miami's comments, the term 'P***Y wedgie' comes up dozens of times.

Here is the image:

The picture got hundreds of thousands of likes - and was shared millions of times all over the 'gram. And most of the comments praised how GREAT Yung Miami looked.

Well Cardi may not have approved of Yung Miami getting all that shine. Because just a few hours later, Cardi appeared to respond to the pic - with a video where she talks about how she doesn't get 'p***y wedgies.'

Cardi told fans that women who have reverse wedgies, end up with yeast infections - and according to Cardi she's 'not hat type of girl.'

Cardi suggests that unlike others, she 'allows her p***y to breath'. Listen:

The Cardi-Yung Miami collaboration Twerk comes out TODAY, and is expected to get a GREAT response.