Cardi B Threatens To 'SMACK' Offset's Baby Mama - She RESPONDS!!


Offset's baby mama Shya L'Amour is coming out swinging, against Cardi B. MTO News has learned that Shya is claiming that Cardi B recently threatened "to smack her."

(listen to Shya explain her beef with Cardi above)

According to Shya, her problems with Cardi stems from her strained relationship with her baby's father, Offset. Shya claims that Offset recently cut back on his child support payments, once she refused to sleep with him.

Shya claims that initially she "tried to be nice" about the matter and hide her trouble with Cardi's husband from the public. But all that's changed now that Cardi is threatening her.

Shya is now speaking publicly about her dispute with Offset.

On top of that, she claims that Cardi B. said she would "smack" her and that this is the second threat she's received from the rapper.

And Shya knows as well as the rest of us that Cardi B's threats should be taken at face value, as Cardi has been known "to run up on" a few women whom she believes are sexually involved with her husband. 

In fact, Cardi B. is currently facing charges in New York for ordering gang members to brutally beat a woman whom she believed was sleeping with her Migos husband.