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CHILD SERVICES Called On Cardi B . . . After She Threatens Online . . . To 'DROP HER BABY'!!!!


Cardi B is facing a possible nightmare scenario - fans called Atlanta area child services on her yesterday. And they called because of what Cardi says, in particular - Cardi said that she would "drop her baby".

Cardi B is a new mom with an infant, but that won't stop her from fighting anyone that messes with her. Yesterday Cardi took to social media, and threatened to 'drop her baby' and fight a girl. She even gave her address in Atlanta, and asked the girl to pull up.

It all started when Cardi and her sister were going back and forth with a girl on Twitter. The girl, a Nicki fan, was making rude comments towards Cardi. But instead of ignoring the trolling female, Cardi threatened her.

Cardi wasn't playing either. She posted her address on social media. And according to Cardi, if the girl pulled up - Cardi would "drop her baby" to fight.

Almost immediately afterwards, multiple haters claimed online that they called Child Services isn Atlanta, to report Cards B. It's not clear what action, if any, child services plans on taking.

Here's the exchange:


Cardi B gave birth to her first child on July 10, and revealed the exciting news the following day on Instagram. Just 16 days later, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker announced that she would no longer be joining Bruno Mars on his tour this fall as initially planned.