Cardi B Speaks Out . .  Claims Offset NO LONGER CHEATS ON HER!! ('He Denied It . .  I Believe')

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Cardi B is now speaking out, after reports came out that Offset was caught cheating with a NYC stripper - and it led top an all out brawl. According to a lawsuit that is expected to be filed by 2 NYC dancers, Cardi attacked them after she suspected that Offset was cheating with one of the dancers.

But Cardi is now speaking out, and she says that she believes that Offset is "no longer cheating" on her. And Cardi says that she believes it, because her husband "denied" reports that he was sleeping with strippers.

Here's what Cardi had to say about the reports:


Cardi B says the strip club workers alleging she ordered her crew to beat the crap out of them are full of it ... claiming the women are just trying to get famous off her and her husband.

Sources close to Cardi and Offset tell TMZ ... she strongly denies having a hand in an attack of the 2 club bartenders and sisters -- Jade and Baddie Gi -- at Angels Strip Club in NYC last week.

We're told Cardi says she not only didn't order any beatdown, she wasn't involved at all ... and definitely didn't throw a bottle at them as the sisters claim.