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Cardi B made a video over the weekend, addressing a lawyer who whines to the right-leaning New York Post about her courtroom attire.

The article was titled 'Cardi B isn't the only star guilty of red-carpet courtroom style' and highlighted several of Cardi's fashionable courtroom outfits:

"'Cardi treats her trips to the courthouse like a runway show,' says Joseph Tacopina, the celebrity criminal defense attorney representing the alleged victims, sisters Jade and Baddie Gi, whose real names are Sarah and Rachel Wattley," the article reads.

But Cardi was offended by Tacopina's words and responded to him via her Instagram Live:

"I don't dress inappropriate when I go to court. I dress like a young f*cking lady," Cardi said. "Where am I supposed to get my suits from H&M?" 

And we have to agree. Cardi B looks very ladylike during most of her courtroom appearances. We doubt the court would be impressed if she rolled up in her sweatpants and sneakers.