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Female rapper Cardi B showed off her natural hair yesterday - and she definitely has a strong curl pattern. According to her fans, Cardi has Type 3C hair - using Andre’s Hair Typing System.

Type 3C hair has been defined as tight curls or coils that look like corkscrews. So far, the consensus on social media is that Cardi's hair is either 3C or 4A.

Here are the pics:


Andre Walker is famously known for creating a hair typing system or infamously known depending on your perspective. Andre revealed his hair typing system in a book titled Andre Talks Hair!.

In the book, Andre made it very clear that everyone has "good hair" regardless of ethnicity. He was hoping to immediately debunk the often ridiculous good hair vs. bad hair debate - before he dove head first into a discussion about hair typing.

Unfortunately, many people believe that Andre’s Hair Typing System is hierarchical and intentionally places kinky hair in the bottom (“worst”) category.