Cardi B took a very brief hiatus from Instagram but returned with a vengeance and took aim at a New York jail for allegedly beating somebody and inmate who later died.

In a lengthy post, Cardi told the story of an inmate who allegedly passed away after being grossly mistreated by the correctional officers.

Correctional officers at the Greene Correctional Facility in New York were also reportedly responsible for brutally beating a friend of hers five years ago.

“GREENCORRECTIONAL FACILITY YOU NOT F*CKING GETTING AWAY WITH THIS ONE B*TCH!!I remember when I went to visit some one in Green and I couldn’t stop crying cause the C.O beat they face up so bad boy had a black eye for months !! " The Grammy award-winning rapper wrote in the post.

Cardi B looks set to follow in Meek Mill's footsteps and lobby for criminal justice and prison reform. She continued:

"And the sh*t is ya been doing it FOR YEARS AND BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH IT FOR F*CKIN YEARS !!!!If you from Ny and ya have love ones incarcerated ya know about Greens and the mistreatments of inmate!" she wrote as her caption."

View her impassioned post below.