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Cardi B Prepares To GO TO PRISON ... Says Offset Will Raise Their KIDS!!

Cardi B is facing multiple felony charges in New York City, and is now preparing to possibly go to prison over those charges, MTO News has learned.


Yesterday news broke that Cardi will begin trial in a Queens NY courtroom, over charges that she assaulted two strippers that were allegedly sleeping with her husband.

Prosecutors say that Cardi assaulted the women, and then ordered members of the Bloods gang to do the same, MTO News has learned.

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If convicted, Cardi faces somewhere between 3 and 25 years in prison.

Fans asked Cardi if she was "prepared" to go to prison, and the gang affiliated female rapper said "yes."

First Cardi explained that her husband Offset would "take care of their kids." Then, MTO News learned, Cardi added that she plans on making a few more millions before entering her jail cell.