Cardi B Plans On TAKING Offset's CHARGE . . . Tell Police The GUN WAS HERS!!!

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Cardi B plans on "taking" criminal charges for her husband Offset, who was arrested yesterday in Atlanta.

Cardi B's husband OFFSET was arrested after he was pulled over in his Porsche for an illegal lane change . Police claim that they found a gun inside. Offset is a convicted felon, so he can not legally be in possession of a gun in the State of Georgia.

Well he may GET OFF on the charges - thanks to his WIFE Cardi.

A person close to MIGOS talked EXCLUSIVELY to MTO News and told us that Cardi B is planning on telling authorities that the gun was hers, as was the Porsche that Offset was driving. The insider explained, "She's going to tell police that [Offset] didn't know that the gun was inside or the weed."

Cardi is NOT a convicted felon - you see - and so she would NOT be in trouble for having a gun in her car. And if Offset didn't know it was there, then he wouldn't be in trouble EITHER.

And as for the weed - it's been DECRIMINALIZED in Atlanta. If Cardi cops to the weed, she's only likely getting a ticket. By contrast, if Offset admits to owning the GUN and the weed - since he's on probation - he could get 5 years in prison.

Cardi's at the HEIGHT OF HER CAREER, yet she's still down to ride for her husband. The insider told MTO News, "No one has to ask Cardi to take a [charge], she would do it for the people she loves."