Cardi B Plans On AIRING OUT Her Husband Offset Tomorrow!!


Cardi B is preparing to air out her estranged husband Offset, and we cannot wait to hear all the tea surrounding the couple's divorce. MTO News learned that Cardi took to social media last night, and told fans that she plans on airing out her dirty laundry for everyone to see.


Well not everyone, just her paid Onlyfans subscribers. 



There's growing speculation among entertainment insiders that Cardi and Offset's divorce may be some sort of a publicity stunt, for Cardi's new upcoming album.

One top music industry executive told MTO News, "I think it's all fake, and Cardi is looking to have a 'Lemonade' moment for her new album."

If the couple's divorce IS fake, then Cardi could be looking to cash in on their lie - by milking her Onlyfans subscribers.

We'll see what she has to say tomorrow . . .