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Cardi B PAID PEOPLE . . . To Badmouth Nicki Minaj Album . . . And We Have RECEIPTS!!!


Cardi B and her team were caught RED HANDED - paying social media stars to BAD MOUTH Nicki Minaj's new album Queen. One Nicki fan turned whistleblower and uncovered the complicated plot by Cardi's team - to take down Nicki Minaj.

According to one popular social media star, Cardi's team asked her to say bad things about Nicki's album. They paid her to make the slanderous comments, and then Cardi B re-tweeted them.


The social media star provided receipts And we mean that literally. In addition to supplying us with the conversation that she had with Cardi's team - she showed the literal recipe for the payment. Look:


Nicki Minaj has been alleging ALL WEEK that Card B, her team, and her record label were trying to sabotage her album sales. Now we have PROOF!!