Two weeks ago, Cardi told her fans that Offset would NEVER cheat on her, because she had "good p*ssy."

Now fans are throwing Cardi's confident statement back in her face, since she recently separated from her husband. 

Cardi went on LIVE two weeks ago, to explain to her fans why her husband would never CHEAT ON HER. Cardi told her fans, "My man ain't never leaving me. Not with this good p***y, and this good mouth, and this good throat."

The Bodak Yellow singer told her fans that no man could ever cheat on her, because her s*x game was too good.

At the time, Cardi's statement seemed very naive and bold. But now - Cardi's enemies are throwing Cardi's words back in her face.

Last week, Cardi announced that she was leaving her husband Offset, after he was allegedly caught having an affair with a woman, and asking her to engage in a threesome with another female rapper.

Here's the meme of Cardi making her outrageous claim just two weeks ago - warning it is very vulgar:

According to Hollywood Life, "Cardi B was pictured walking into Madison Square Garden Friday night (Dec. 7) for her iHeartRadio Jingle Ball performance and she made sure to show off her now very bare left hand for the paparazzi as she walked by them. If you ask us, it seems as though she was trying to send Offset a message that their relationship is definitely over. Heck, maybe she was even sending a message to future suitors that she’s single and ready to mingle!"