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Cardi B's BABY FATHER Offset Caught CHEATING Again . . . This Time With Industry THOT-POT Lira Galore!!!


Rapper Offset and Cardi B are expecting their first child together this summer - but that hasn't stopped Offset from living like a bachelor.

The website Fameolous is claiming to have images of Offset in a hotel room "partying" with industry pass around Lira Galore and another woman. The site claims that Offset was cheating with the two chicas.

This is another slap in the face for his pregnant fiancee Cardi B. She just released the track "Be Careful," and even though we know she didn't write the track - it still speaks true to her life. We don't think that she could handle another cheating scandal.

Migos may well have been a hot brand before Cardi, but not Offset on his dolo. Nobody was really checking for him before Cardi made him hot.

And how stupid do you have to be to cheat with an industry mouthpiece like Lira Galore? We know she gets around and we know that everybody she deals with - the deets get "leaked."

We have absolutely no sympathy for Offset - not that we had much for him before. We just hope that Cardi is holding up. She has an album dropping Friday and we need her on her game.

Here is the pic