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Cardi B: My Record Label Isn't Tired Of Me

Cardi B sat down for a recent interview where she responded to critics who say that the rapper has fallen off.

"Throughout this [break] people was making rumors, like, 'Oh, she's having problems with her label, her label is shelving her, they're getting more female talent,' and the it's like, no, they're never tired of me. That's one thing," she said on Sirius XM.

She continued:

"There are male artists who will go two years without putting out a song and [the fans] don't be like, 'oh, you're irrelevant, it's over for you'. Me, I didn't. put out songs for nine months and it's like, 'oh, she's irrelevant, she's over, she's a flop, we told you that.'" 

Cardi says she would rather put out a few good quality records than consistently putting out mediocre tracks.

Her single "WAP' continues to chart across the globe. We are sure her label is impressed with the single's success.