Cardi B and top rap artist Megan Thee Stallion got into it on social media yesterday, and fellow female rappers Asian Da Brat and Yung Miami got into it also.

Many fans believe that this may be the start of a female rap war - between Cardi and Megan.

It all started when Megan posted a shady tweet about how she and Asian Doll are female writers who "write their songs." The post is shady, because two of the top female artists - Yung Miami and Cardi B - have male rappers ghost write their hits.

Almost as soon as Megan made her post, Asian Da Brat doubles down with her own shady post. Look:


It didn't take long before Yung Miami and Cardi B both came out swinging at Asian Da Brat and Megan. While they didn't mention the two female rivals by name, you could see that both Careesha and Belancis were ready for that smoke.

Here's what Yung Miami posted:


And here's Cardi B, going on a rant of how it doesn't matter whether a female rapper writes her own songs, as long as they're hits:

Neither Asian Doll nor Megan have commented on Cardi and Yung Miami's clap backs.

Cardi B also promoted the release of her new single this past weekend with a censored nude photo of herself being perp-walked in handcuffs.

The rapper dropped her single, “Press” on Friday after teasing it for days prior on Instagram. In perhaps her most eye-catching promotion yet, the 26-year-old singer released a brief snippet of the song over an image of herself completely naked being walked out of a courthouse by police with photographers wielding old-timey cameras snapping shots of her. Black bars cover her private parts, but there’s still very little left to the imagination.