Cardi B Lost ALL Baby Weight . . . In Form Fitting Dress . . . Her Body Actually Looks BETTER!!!

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Cardi B stepped out last night at the Tom Ford fashion show - and she looked amazing. The Bodak Yellow singer wore a tight form fitting dress - and her body was STUNNING.

It's hard to believe that less than two months ago, a whole baby came out of that body. Cardi's belly was firm and flat, and her curves were perfect.

In fact, many commenters are saying that Cardi's body may actually look better NOW than before she had her baby Kulture.


As you know Cardi is currently facing legal woes but not for what you might think. According to new legal documents, Cardi B has called for an extension in the lawsuit against her due to serious complications since having her baby girl, Kulture.

The rapper’s legal team filed a motion asking for more time, saying “unanticipated post-partum complications” have caused her to cancel her tour with Bruno Mars and the condition has made it nearly impossible for her to sit through a legal deposition, TMZ reports. The request to wait until October to complete the depo must now be approved by a judge. 

Cardi was sued last year for using a tattooed man's image on the Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 cover art, which the plaintiff believes is his tattoo design. She has previously responded to the suit, saying the man on the cover and the man in question are two different people.