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Cardi B LEAKS Explicit Video . . . Of Offset Using His FINGERS ON HER!!! (Graphic)


Cardi B and Offset are able to resume having s*x again. Cardi publicly told fans that doctors warned her that she and her husband Offset were not able to have intercourse for 6 weeks following the birth of their daughter Kulture.

Well Cardi revealed to fans that he six weeks are up - and she showed them. The Bodak Yellow singer leaked a video on Live that showed her husband "using his fingers" on her.

Cardi quickly deleted the video, when she realized that some of her younger fans were appalled by her leak. But most of Cardi's fans seemed to enjoy the video - at least while it lasted.

The superstar rapper posted a quick video of her and Offset being extremely hands on one another and she had to clarify the contents of the NSFW clip.

“I DO W.E THE FUCK I WANT .I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE AN ANGEL!” Cardi lashed out as the aforementioned video made its rounds across the web.

“I rap about this shit sooo why the fuck are you surprise ?Amd if you a”Young fan” you shouldn’t be on my page period !” she tweeted.

Cardi B has made a name for herself doing SHOCKING and OUTRAGEOUS things on video.

Amid all the conversation that was stirred, Cardi shared various accolades (such as furthering her historic streak on the Billboard 200 Top 10 with her debut album Invasion of Privacy as well as making waves on Spotify’s Songs of the Summer playlist).

But nonetheless, she was focused on setting her haters straight and held an impromptu town hall meeting from the comfort of her own bed where she addressed public perception, her juice box, liposuction and openness with her husband.

Here is the video - WARNING it may be considered GRAPHIC: