Cardi B Joins Onlyfans, 'But I Won't Show My P**SY, T*TT*ES, Or A**'!!


Cardi B officially joined OnlyFans MTO News has learned. But don't get too excited, Cardi does not plan on getting naked on the website - at least not yet.

Last week Cardi releases a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion titled “WAP.” The track is quickly rising up the charts.

And as raunchy as the song WAP is . . . Cardi claims that her new Onlyfans won't be showing her WAP. Her OnlyFans won’t actually offer up anything too explicit, just a new "fan experience."

“I’m doing a partnership with only fans,” she told her Twitter community. “Everytime some1 start a rumor I will be addressing it there …..what else should I post besides rumors and behind the scenes ? Maybe a video of me cleaning my home with my nails ?”

The London based company cosigned the information shared by the Invasion of Privacy rapper in their recent statement. The statement states that she will “release behind the scenes content, address ongoing rumors, share glimpses into her personal life, connect closer with her fans, and much more.”