Cardi B Is CAUGHT STEALING Again . . . This Time . . . She STOLE An ENTIRE SONG From TI's Artist!!

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Cardi B is caught STEALING SONGS again. As MTO News reported before, Cardi B's entire album was taken from other artists. Most of the songs were "legally" bought by Cardi's team. But some of them were just JACKED.

Her song "She Bad" appears to be one of Cardi's THEFTS. Cardi stole the entire beat, and the title, and some lyrics from a song called She Bad released seven months ago — by TI's artist RaRa.

Here is TI's artist song:

And here is Cardi's:

You may remember, Cardi was also accused of stealing her smash hit "Be Careful" too. In case you forgot these were what reports at the time were saying:

Several hours after Cardi released "Be Careful," a video surfaced on Twitter of New York rapper Pardison Fontaine reciting the song’s lyrics word-for-word in footage purportedly recorded last year. The noted Nicki Minaj stan account also claimed Fontaine is not one of the credited songwriters on “Be Careful,” leading to speculation Cardi either used a ghostwriter on the track or plagiarized it entirely.

Cardi quickly dispelled the rumors though and said that Pardison was actually credited on the song. 

Some people tend to think, it doesn't matter whether Cardi writes her songs herself and others think that part of being a rapper is writing your own rhymes. It seems that today many famous rappers use ghostwriters or COLLABORATE with others so it seems to be split down the middle whether folks care or not.

Tell us, what side are you on? Do you care or not?