Cardi B: I Went To College . . . I'm Very Intelligent!!

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Cardi B, aka Belcalis Almanzar, appears to have a new job - replying to trolls on twitter. MTO News broke the story that Cardi Bs obstetrician ordered her off social media. But Cardi can't seem to put her phone down.

Yesterday, the Bronx girl took a page out of Donald Trump's book and branded herself "very intelligent" on Twitter. As you can imagine - her comments BLEW UP with negativty almost immediately.

Here's what Cardi said:


Cardi attended Borough Of Manhattan Community College for a few semesters, and received poor grades. She eventually dropped out and started stripping FULL TIME.

Cardi can't stay away from controversy lately, the website the Blast also reporter an altercation Cardi got into with fans in a Las Vegas mall:

According to The Blast, Cardi bumped into a group of fans while they were exiting the Fendi store at The Shops at Crystals in the CityCenter complex. When she was asked for a photo, she ignored the group until one of its members — Lolita Beckford-Dawkins, who spoke to The Blast — screamed at the star, “F— Cardi, you ain’t s—.”

Responding, Cardi allegedly told her fans that she didn’t want to take a photo because she was unhappy with her appearance. But that claim only made her fans angrier, with Beckford-Dawkins teling The Blast that they thought she was being “fake.”

Then according to People Magazine:

Partial video of the incident was posted by Instagram account Baller Alert on Sunday. In it, Cardi can be seen behind the glass of the Fendi store as security try to hold back Beckford-Dawkins and her friends.

“Come outside,” a man screams at her aggressively, before a Fendi worker locks the glass doors. “Come outside you bitch!”

Here the video: