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Last night, Cardi B told her fans that she misses performing oral s*x on her husband, Migos rapper Offset. 

Cardi told fans that she's upset that she's "losing her gag reflex" because she hasn't "s*cked d*ck" in such a long time. Cardi and Offset split two weeks ago.

And Cardi went on in graphic detail about how much she missed her Migos husband.

Cardi explained that she missed her husband's p*nis, which she claims is: "big, fat, and Black."

Cardi went on claiming that she "missed having him in her throat" during the video.

Many fans now suspect that Offset and Cardi's breakup is staged for publicity. The speculation began when Offset publicly apologized to Cardi - in the middle of her concert set.

But Offset's apology was anything but spontaneous. The concert promoters publicized his "apology", and Cardi's publicist helped put together the whole "staged" apology.

Here's the video:

E! reports that the couple will be together over the Christmas holiday, with a source saying "Cardi B wants Offset to be a part of Kulture's life and wants him to spend Christmas with his daughter. It's Kulture's first Christmas and it means a lot to Cardi to have the family together."

Offset has been begging for Cardi’s forgiveness since news of his alleged cheating broke, going so far as to crash the stage at one of her shows and issue a public apology. But he’s seemed particularly focused on spending time with Cardi and Kulture over the holidays, and recently begged his estranged wife to let him home for Christmas in a public IG video apology.