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Cardi B made a bold statement during a recent interview - according to Cardi, female rappers are finding it easier to land a record deal thanks to her success.

"I feel like after me... it's easier for a lot of female rappers," she told Rap Radar. "Before me, there was no female rapper that was signed to a label. Well, you know, the ones that had been established. Nobody was signing them. Now, everybody's just signing them if you can rap, and you got a couple of followers."

It seems that some did not agree with Cardi's view. But she hopped on Twitter to respond to her critics and clarify her statement:

 "Labels were signing female rappers and putting them in a shelf and not focusing on them," tweeted. "B*tches been rapping, b*tches been have talent, but the music industry wasn't believing... You tell me what rappers was giving features to female rappers? What label was pushing a female rapper? What TV music show was inviting female rappers. Only 2 female rappers for years and one ain't last too long... now you tell me!"

Is she right?