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Cardi B and Offset are in the midst of another  cheating scandal, and now Cardi B seems to be admitting - that her husband Offset is "cheating" on her.

Yesterday, Cardi B's arch enemy Jade went on Instagram, claiming that Offset slid into her DMs. This is particularly crazy, because Jade has an open criminal case against Cardi. She pressed charges on Cardi and her friends last year, when they allegedly attacked her inside a New York strip club.

Jade claims that at the time she was Offset's side piece - and Cardi B. was jealous.

Jade is also coincidentally the girlfriend of jailed rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine...

“Your wife @IAmCardiB has a OPEN CRIMINAL CASE, why are you writing me you don’t respect her ???????” Jade captioned a video of her opening the alleged DM. “Theirs [sic] a lot of sh*t I haven’t exposed yet, but there’s a time for that I’m the QUEEN of talking sh*t now I’m backing it up,” Jade wrote on Instagram.

Shortly after the messages from Offset to Jade went public, Cardi and Offset dismissed them - claiming that they were "hacked." The couple told their fans that it was the hacker, and not Offset who sent the messages to Jade.

Well a few hours ago, Cardi seemed to confirm what many of her fans had suspected all along.

She posted a video of herself inside a music studio, looking very un-glamorous.

And in the video Cardi jokes about Offset cheating on her. According to the laughing Cardi - her husband has a right to cheat because she's not glamorous while working in the studio.

Here's the video: