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Cardi B went viral earlier this week - for telling a reporter that he wishes his mother "gets AIDS."

Cardi went off on an Access Hollywood reporter, and podcaster Joe Budden. And in the midst of the rant Cardi said that she "hopes [the reporter's] mother gets AIDS." It's not clear whether Cardi was talking about the reporter - or Joe Budden.

Well those comments about "catching AIDS" are being blasted, by many in the LGBT community - who are hoping to remove the stigma surrounding the disease.

Many activists have asked Cardi to apologize, both to the reporter and Joe Budden . . . and then to the community at large for her choice of words.

Well Cardi's not apologizing.

Yesterday, Cardi went on social media to explain that she does not apologize for what she said about the reporter. She says she was angry, and she "said what she said."

During her rant she also told fans that she doesn't believe in receiving "bad karma" for wishing AIDS on someone. Cardi told fans, 'I don't believe in Karma coming back on me."

According to the Hollywood Reporter: Cardi's claims over how the outlet positioned her time with her daughter as "clickbait, bitch," were met with support online Thursday into Friday as the clip started to gain traction. However, the AIDS insult has received widespread criticism, particularly on Twitter. The Hollywood Reporter reached out to reps for Cardi, Netflix, Access Hollywood and GLAAD for a response to Cardi's video but as of press time, no one has weighed in on the matter. (+Life cautioned Cardi on Facebook: "PLEASE be careful throwing around "AIDS" or "HIV." The stigma is real. HIV rates are on the rise with black, brown and trans Americans, and stigma plays a big part in that.")