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Cardi B forgot to wear underwear last night at the Billboard Music Awards, and an image allegedly showing her stuff went viral last night on social media.

Here's the image that has people talking:



Here are more pics of Cardi and husband Offset from the red carpet.


Cardi quickly went on social media, and tried to kill the story, claiming that her private area was not seen in the viral picture.

Cardi claimed that the photo of the “Money” rapper with her husband, Offset, holding her leg up in the air on the red carpet did NOT expose her vagina. 

Cardi stripped down to her birthday suit to treat her Instagram followers to a NSFW anatomy lesson.

“Y’all motherf— going around with this f—ing picture photoshopping it even more like, ‘Oh Cardi p—, Cardi p—,'” Cardi, 26, said in the clip posted to her page. “First of all, that ain’t my p—. My p— right here. This where I birthed my daughter from.”

“This right here, the part that shows when I go like this,” she continued, while lifting up her leg. “That’s just my ass. You know when you got a fat ass. That s— gets fat right here. This the part right here, this the part that gives the d— comfort. Know what I’m saying? This the part when you go like this, in and out, that’s what this n— feel. That’s my ass.”