Cardi B Has BUTT Implants REMOVED .  . New Butt Is FLAT!! (PICS)

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Cardi B has been outspoken about getting illegal butt shots, when she worked a stripper in New York City. Well now she appears to have taken steps to reverse those procedures.

Cardi was spotted out last night, arriving at a nightclub in Los Angeles after making separate appearances at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. And she wore a cute and very form fitting dress.

But what was noticeable, was that Cardi's butt was noticeably flatter than we remember it being.

Just one year ago, Cardi had one o the most pronounced artificial butts in the world of hip hop. here's a pic of how she used to look like:

cardi b butt

And here's what she looks like now. Notice how her butt doesn't stick out he way that it used to.


Cardi and Offset were together at the American Music Awards last night...If you remember Offset recently bought his love a Lamborghini days before her 26th birthday. "Thanks daddy. I love you @offsetyrn ..LAMBTALK,LAMBTRUCK," she captioned an Instagram photo of the couple posing in front of the new ride.