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Cardi B is reportedly having issues with the hottest up and coming female rap/pop star Doja Cat, MTO News has learned. Cardi has "unfollowed" Doja on social media, and the two are no longer on speaking terms, according to a person close to Doja.

Cardi burst onto the music scene three years ago, with her hit song "Bodak Yellow." And she's been at or near the top of the game ever since.

But in the past few months, something happened - and that something is named Doja Cat.

The buzz behind Doja Cat - who has a strong social media following - began growing last year. And in 2020 she exploded in popularity - and now she's arguably a bigger star than Cardi B.

In fact last week, Doja Cat surpassed Cardi B on Spotify and has the second-highest monthly listeners with 29 million amongst female rappers. Nicki Minaj remains the most listened female rapper on the platform with 49 million monthly listeners.

And according to one of Doja Cat's close friends, she suspects Cardi is jealous. The friend told MTO News, "Cardi is a jealous person. Doja has nothing but love in her heart for Cardi. [Cardi] should work through her jealousy and come join this movement."

Meanwhile, Doja is going viral today. She went on social media explaining how she "wants" to get the coronavirus.

Here are some pics of Doja Cat: