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Cardi B reportedly suffered from a seizure - and was taken to the hospital for medical observation. Cardi's team announced yesterday that hey were cancelling performances in Greensboro and Charlotte NC, and other shows over the next two weeks.

The official reason for the cancellation, according to Cardi's team, is "due to illness."

But there are reports that she suffered from a seizure. A member of the event team for one of the concerts claims Cardi's team informed them that Cardi "suffered a seizure," they have since deleted the tweet.

Cardi’s team has not yet to give a specifics about the illness that Cardi is suffering. Here are the posts from the event promoters: The first one was deleted quickly after being posted.


Fans speculated that perhaps the alleged seizure was stress related. One person wrote, "She has a lot going on from her new baby, cheating husband, Nicki drama and label push."

As you know Cardi has an infant baby at home, Kulture to care for so hopefully whatever her ailment is, she will recover swiftly for the sake of her family.