Cardi B got "checked" by a NYer yesterday as she walked through her old neighborhood in the Bronx.

The female rapper was going shopping with her father, and without security - when she was ambushed by a Telemundo reporter.

Cardi was upset with the reporter for ambushing her during family time. And the Bronx rapper started arguing in the street in front of the Telemundo cameras.

In the midst of Cardi's rant, a man was walking by, and he politely asked Cardi to move out of his way. Then the NY man became not so polite.

The man told Cardi "Muevate al medio, puta." Which translates in English to move out of the middle [of the street] b*tch."

Watch the video:

Cardi claims that she didn't want the reporter to put her father on national television, because she feared for his security.

But the video of Cardi's interaction with the man seems to be the most viral part of the exchange.

Cardi later addressed the incident in an Instagram Stories update, per People en Español, noting that she loves the Univision show but found Solano's approach to be unprofessional.

"Today, this woman, right, I'm literally taking my daughter out the car and as soon as I turn around, this woman put a camera in my face and she's got a mic in my mouth," she said. Cardi also pointed out that she's had incidents in the past in which her family ultimately felt uncomfortable with social media exposure, hence the hesitance to have them on camera.

"I'm not going to call her a bitch but I really want to call her a bitch," Cardi said in the Instagram clip. "She got in my dad's way . . . That's when I came out and I started bucking at her because I just told you I don't want my fucking parents on camera. Why the fuck, why the fuck are you not listening?"

As for the unrelated bystander who is also seen making comments toward Cardi in the Univison clip, Cardi said he was a "drunk ass Dominican guy, this drunk ass man" who "bumped her" and said to get out of the way. That secondary encounter and argument, she added, was the fault of the reporter's initial impromptu interview attempt.