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A new report is claiming that Cardi B is in the Dominican Republic right now - getting secret plastic surgery. The new report, which came from the website Sandra Rose, claims that Cardi is getting the surgery to change her post-pregnancy body.

Here's what is being said:

The 26-year-old Bronx rapper apparently canceled her concerts to fly to the Dominican Republic for breast implants surgery, according to gossip mongers on the ‘Gram.

The mom-of-one posted photos that showed her and husband Kiari Cephus, aka Offset, on vacation. Offset, 26, wears a surgical mask in one photo. In another photo, Cardi shows off her new boobs in a mirror selfie.

One IG user who claims to know the tea writes:

“Shes been in DR Because she recuperating from full body surgery,just look at her boobs. What I don’t like is that her team lied to the public and faked a seizure to make the public feel bad for her and understand why she canceled her shows. Meanwhile she was in DR Getting cheap surgery.”

He or she added:

“Cardi Has Been In DR This Whole Time Healing From Surgery. Secondly, Why Do You Think She Canceled Her Upcoming Shows,For A Vacation? ? Meanwhile her team lied and said she had a seizure so that people wouldn’t go in on her canceling dates for surgery. And Third Of All Bandages Come Off 2 days after surgery with no leakage In DR. Like I said she’s been in DR even before her team announced she wouldn’t be able to do her shows. Her tits went from lowered silicone due to having the baby,to perky neck line boobs. So if the facts hurt you,keep scrolling bih.”