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Cardi B FINALLY HAD ENOUGH . . . Packs Bags And Baby . . . LEAVES OFFSET!!! (PICS)


MTO News learned that Cardi B packed up her daughter Kulture, and left husband Offset's Atlanta home. And according to online reports - she may be gone for good. Word is that Cardi LEFT Atlanta for good and moved back to New York - to live closer to her family.

Cardi posted a video on social media, showing her and Kulture hopping on a private jet from Atlanta heading to New York City. The jet was provided by MTV - who will have Cardi performing at Monday nights VMAs.

But word is that the trip to NYC is not temporary. Once Cardi hopped on the plane, she tweeted the following:


Here's Cardi getting on the plane:

Offset has been known to openly cheat on Cardi. Speculation is that Offset cheated again - but this time Cardi LEFT HIM FOR GOOD.

Offset was reportedly hacked on Dec. 25, 2017, and a nude photo of Cardi B was released along with a clip of her dancing naked. There was also an alleged sex tape, which involved another woman. This is what led to rumors that the rapper was cheating on his fiancée.