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Rah Ali was JUMPED by a group of Cardi B fans. The former Love & Hip Hop star - who is also close friends with Nicki Minaj - was confronted and attacked by girls looking to GET REVENGE FOR CARDI.

You'll recall that Rah Ali inserted herself into the middle of an altercation between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. During that altercation, MTO News confirmed that Rah Ali repeatedly PUNCHED CARDI IN THE FACE AND HEAD- leaving Cardi with a lump on her head.

“Rah really, really beat Cardi’s ass bad,” Minaj said during an episode of her Beats 1 show Queen Radio.

“Rah beat you so bad, I was mad at Rah. You went home and told people security hit you, and we let that ride for legal reasons,” Minaj added of her pal, who costarred on season 6 of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York with Cardi.

Videos of the Sept. 7 incident were posted online, and one showed Cardi charging at someone. In a different video, Cardi can be heard screaming “say some s— about my daughter [Kulture] again.”

Well last week, it was time for Rah Ali to get her lumps. Two girls RAN DOWN on Rah Ali and confronted her for Rah's "disrespect" of their favorite artist.

The girls then started fighting Rah. At first, the Love & Hip Hop star was winning against one girl - but then the others jumped in.

We're told that Rah now has "multiple lumps" on her head.

Here is the video of the attack: