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Cardi B went on Twitter yesterday, to explain to fans how she robbed the "drugged" and "drunk" men that she admits to luring to hotel rooms, back when she was a stripper.

There's one difference though from her previous account of this past criminal activity. Cardi is now changing her story a bit - claiming that she never "drugged" the men herself.

You'll recall that in a 2016 video, Cardi proudly admitted to "drugging n*ggas up and then robbing them." 

See here:

Well now Cardi's story is changing. She still admits to robbing the men. But she NOW claims that she never drugged them. According to Cardi, the men took the drugs themselves, and passed out in her hotel room.

And after they were unconscious, Cardi claims, then she robbed them.

Here are her exact words:


Under New York law, the statute of limitations on the type of robbery that Cardi is describing is 10 years. Given that Cardi is just 26 years old, and started stripping when she was 18, she's probably still within the statute of limitations  

Technically, Cardi could still be prosecuted for her crimes.