Cardi B Dress FELL OFF During Nicki Minaj Fight . . . Was Fighting NUDE!!! (Graphic Video)

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Cardi B was fighting last night at New York fashion week with Nicki Minaj. According to an MTO News exclusive report, the fight popped off when Nicki allegedly told Cardi that she "F*CKED" Cardi's husband Offset. It's not clear whether Nicki made the comments as TROLLING, like in her song Dreams, or whether she was spilling tea.

A new video showing the aftermath of the fight shows that Cardi's dress RIPPED OFF, and she was fighting in the nude - at least from the waist down.

MTO News managed to locate the video, and it is pretty graphic. We have to give Cardi credit . . . even though she is ratchet as hell for fighting at Fashion Week, she's got a GREAT body. And can you believe she just gave birth two months ago??

Here is the link to the video, warning it is graphic:


Just two days ago Cardi stepped out at the Tom Ford fashion show (Nicki didn't attend) - and she looked amazing. The Bodak Yellow singer wore a tight form fitting dress - and her body was STUNNING.

She must have reached her breaking point with all of the drama and SUB shots that had been thrown.