Cardi B Drags Donald Trump As Bernie Sanders Laughs

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Cardi B was furious when former presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, was forced to drop out of the race -- Cardi joined Sanders on Live, and she took the opportunity to drag Donald Trump.

Sanders found the rant amusing.

"Even right now, people that are in jail, they are not being protected as good as they should with this coronavirus. One thing that baffles my mental about number 45 is when this coronavirus news was hitting and everything, he just kept blaming that this was a move of the Democrats to make him look bad. That everything the Democrats do is bad propaganda to make him look bad. But the thing is, honey, you don't need the Democrats to make you look bad. You make your own self look bad." 

Cardi continued as Sanders laughed, "There were so many chances that he had when interviewers asked him questions. He could have answered with the right answer so people would be like, 'Ok, he actually cares.' And instead of him giving a right answer, he just shushed them up and just degrades them."

Watch the clip below.